You may be asking, exactly what is softscape design? Softscaping refers to the use of all living material, such as flowers, shrubs, trees, lawns and the manipulation of the soil in your landscape; basically all the elements that soften the landscape. Both softscape and hardscape designs work jointly as fundamental elements to reaching a detailed landscape design.


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Garden Design + Maintenance

There are so many variables to consider before jumping into creating your new garden or doing a full garden makeover. Things such as soil type, which type of soils do best with certain plants, which plants thrive in your zone, which plants are more beneficial for attracting good pollinators, what plants are low maintenance or require very little watering? Another thought would be how to properly care for your perennials to allow them to be lush and rich plants?

It may seem simple to create a space and pop in some plants, but with proper planning, you will have a garden specific to your needs and desired maintenance level.

Plants Installation

It is critical to the plant's survivability to properly install plants. Our garden design specialist will meet with you to discuss your garden vision and what your final desired look might be, whether perennials that last year round or annuals that are eye catching for a shorter time would be preferred. We will match your plant preference with the area you desire them to be located. Many different plants flourish in one area of your landscape but not another, this is where our expertise comes in handy, we will show you the best viability for your plant installation.

A firm plan will be put in place and with you to be sure we are in alignment on your vision to make sure your desired outcome is a complete success.


Tree Installation

Are you looking to add some trees or shrubs to your landscape? Our team will discuss what trees will work best in your desired location to maximize the trees purpose (colour, size, shape, privacy, soil conditions etc.) are all factors in selecting the proper tree to compliment your area. There are so many benefits to installing trees into your landscape, oxygen, shelter, food, and ground stability are just a few bonuses.

Pruning + Trimming

Shrubs, Hedges + Bushes

Hedges can some times get very overgrown and untidy. Our team will selectively remove dead or structurally imbalanced branches and roots to make it look aesthetically pleasing. There is an art to pruning to prevent damage and maximize healthy growth, our specialists will leave your hedges/shrubs/bushes beautiful and healthy.

Sod Installation

It can be very difficult growing grass from seed, you need a lot of patience, proper soil conditions and often times, seeding doesn't fully cover the area, thus more time is required for the desired look. Sod can save time, eliminate sparse coverage area and instantly produce a full lush lawn that you desire.

Our team provide the knowledge, expertise and labour to properly lay healthy sod seamlessly to ensure you end up with a lush green lawn.

  • Water daily for 3 weeks (best early morning until 9am and evening between 7-10pm)

  • Never water during full sun hours, this will burn your new sod. This is the most common mistake people make after sod has been laid.

  • Avoid any foot traffic on the freshly laid sod to prevent dips and divots in your lawn.

  • Wait 2-3 weeks before mowing your lawn and be sure to keep your mower deck high, be sure to never change the deck to cut more than 1/3 of the grass blades.

Rolled Grass

Lawn Repair

Did you know, that maintaining your lawn also has significant health benefits to you and your family? Turf grasses trap air pollution, capture and use greenhouse gasses and generates much of the oxygen to breath in! Keeping your lawn healthy is much more than just curb appeal.


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