House Sitting Horseshoe Valley and Surrounding Area

Your home is your castle, where you can unwind and relax, enjoy time with friends and family. The last thing you need is a terrible surprise greeting you upon your arrival from being away.

It can certainly spoil your vacation to discover that you have no heat or water, or that your home has been a victim of vandalism or theft. 

What home owners really need is peace of mind . . . and that is just what we at River Rock Property Landscaping Inc. can provide.

We arrange packages that are specially customized for each client’s needs, with regular on-site inspections that will indicate:


  • evidence of break-and-enter or vandalism

  • improperly functioning plumbing, heating, and electrical systems

  • water leakage or damage

  • potential hazards from snow loads

  • insurance requirements 

  • animal or insect infestations

All of our visits are documented; and, if we find any issues, we will follow up with the instructions you give us. This could include notifying the appropriate authorities, hiring local tradespeople for repairs, or acting as the local contact for your alarm system.

Your insurance company will require regular inspections, particularly in the case of long absences, to assure you of comprehensive coverage. Please check with them to discuss the implications of our services.

We offer property maintenance services, including snow, walkway, deck, and roof service. Grass and garden care.

Our experienced staff and local knowledge will leave you secure in the knowledge that your property is safe and functional. We would be very happy to set up an appointment to discuss our services.